Re-Opening the Cafe – May 2021

You don’t know just how much we have been looking forward to being able to say, ‘come on in and take a seat’. Welcoming you into the spaces we’ve created is what we love to do, and we are so hoping this return to full service will be the way things can now stay.

We’ve had a busy and at times challenging year, and we’ve learned a lot. We’ve adapted the business to work within ever-changing restrictions alongside our hospitality friends.  Our team remain committed to serve fresh, great quality food and drink to our local community.

We opened our doors again at 9am on Monday, and it feels so good to be back. The warmth and patience our guests have shown towards our team has really helped them get back into the swing of it.

If you haven’t yet managed to visit us, here’s some more detail on what you can expect from us when you do.

How we are operating

Cafe seating is available on the same ‘first come first served’ basis that we had pre-pandemic and throughout the other lockdowns.

The coffee shop has been closed since the 17th whilst we worked on preparing it for opening.  From Friday 28th May we’ll have it available to reopen at weekends.   In the week we’ll keep it a little more flexible.  If the weather is nice we’ll likely operate the cafe and the outside tables, if the weather is not so nice we may open the coffee shop to offer additional space.  We intend to add a further 4 two seater tables to the outside area.

The cafe space itself is largely unchanged with tables more spaced out in a similar fashion to the layout from December, and we will operate table service.  We’re got some lovely new plants from our friends Blamey’s on Beulah Street, some cute new Moomin cups for the kids, colouring in and some other bits and bobs.

We are waiting for an install date for a replacement for our still and sparkling water system.  We hope that come 21st June, and the lifting of restrictions further, you will be able to help yourself once again.

Changes to our team

You’ll be welcomed to Baltzersen’s and looked after by a mixture of familiar faces, but also by some new additions who have replaced some of our team who decided to move on since Christmas.  In particular Front of House Manager Jess will be aided by new shift supervisors Tamas and Lucy.

If you are currently looking for a role, we are recruiting for our front of house team as we have a number of colleagues who are moving on to new pastures.  We’re looking for full and part-time team members who have several years of experience of working in a hospitality environment.  To apply send us our CV with a brief introduction by email to

Coffee news

Nothing has changed in terms of the raw materials for our coffee.  It’s still our bespoke blend, roasted by the amazing team over at North Star Coffee Roasters in Leeds.  Dairy is the best organic milk from Acorn Dairy at Archdeacon Newton.  To reduce waste we are trying to streamline our alternative milk options down to just Oatly Barista oat milk, but other options are available by request.

One thing you may notice is that we have some new coffee machines.  We believe these represent another step forward in terms of delivering consistency across the range of drinks and also across our team of baristas.  These machines carry out more of the brewing process for us so not only do they produce a fantastic cup of coffee, they also free the team up to deliver the great hospitality that our guests deserve.

In order to minimise the traffic in the cafe we are asking guests who would like takeaway coffee to purchase this from the bakery shop.

New menu items

Cubano sandwich with potato salad and house pickles
We will be extending the menu as things open back up and we’ll add more once we are confidently busy enough. We need to be sure stock turnover closely matches demand to keep everything super-fresh, so it will be a gradual build back up to the full menu.

We have added a new page to the website that includes the food menu options including details about dietary requirements and allergens:

We do have some new additions to the usual menu, which we’re excited to share with you:

  1. Cubano (Pictured above).

    We had really good feedback on the cubano sandwich, one of the Weekend Specials we offered during the last 4 months of lockdown, so we’re putting it on the menu. It’s a combination of home cooked sliced ham, sliced mojo pork, melted cheese, gherkin and American mustard. These flew out and they’re delicious.

  2. Mackerel Open Sandwich.

    This is a fresh and tasty new addition to the popular open sandwich options.  Warmed smoked mackerel, dill pickle tartare sauce with pickled fennel, radish and sugar snap peas.

  3. Gravlaks on Rosti.

    Head Chef Ben has made a few tweaks to this favourite dish, including curing the salmon with beetroot for a slightly earthier taste and bright pink colour as well as adding new dill and horseradish crème fraîche.

  4. Kids Lunches.

    We’ve given the kids lunches a little revamp, adding a couple of great new pasta options, slightly altering the sides, and we’ve sourced some fab new trays on which to serve them.

That’s it for now. It seems a lot of information but really all you need to know is we’re working hard to make up for all this lost cafe time and we want to make sure you love being back with us. We’ll take good care of you.


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4 Responses to Re-Opening the Cafe – May 2021

  1. Helen Mills says:

    My family are regular customers at Balterzen since you first opened in 2012 and we always enjoy our food. We have throughout lockdown bought pastries from the Bakery and I would really like to see the Blackberry and Almond Wienerbrod and the Bostock to be available in the cafe.
    The Wienerbrod is my particular favourite.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Helen,

      We can certainly make that happen. We’ll order a few in now and they’ll be available from Wednesday!

  2. Rosemary Johnston says:

    Been meaning to tell you …. my daughter turned 16 in March and it was a bit sad for her that she couldn’t really celebrate with her friends. But we ordered a Balts waffle for her and her brother, ubereats to our place for breakfast…. she was thrilled, I would say it made her birthday. So, thank you very much for that. Rosemary

    • Paul says:

      Hi Rosemary.

      Ah, thanks for letting us know. Glad we could help in a very small way to make her birthday feel a little bit more normal.


      The Baltzersen’s team.

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