Reopening Baltzersen’s: Our Plans For The Future

Next week it will be two months since we closed the doors of the cafe and coffee shop in the face of the growing threat from COVID-19.

We have been incredibly lucky to have been able to launch Bakeri Baltzersen just about in time for us to switch focus and begin baking bread to deliver to your doorsteps or offer up for collection at the coffee shop.

The Long Way Back

To be completely honest with you we are not expecting that we’ll be welcoming guests back into our venues until Autumn at the very earliest.  We know this could slip towards the Christmas period or even beyond into 2021. This is a challenging reality for hospitality, retail and many other businesses across the country but we can’t afford to be too downbeat about it.

We need to adapt what we do in the best way we can in order to be able to bring as many of our team back from furlough as possible and generate some revenue to continue to pay the bills for as long as we aren’t able to use our spaces properly.

Short-Term (Now – 2 weeks)

Opening for Takeaway Brunch and Coffee

This Weekend (Fri 15th and Sat 16th May) we are going to open to serve coffee to takeaway from 9am -1pm. Head Chef Ben has been taken out of furlough to prepare three new brunch sandwiches that we developed in the early part of March and were intending to launch prior to Easter.

Brunch Sandwich Menu

Your choice of:

Sykes House Farm Cumberland sausage patty

Sykes House Farm back bacon

Spiced bean patty (V)

On a truffled potato and spinach cake topped with fried egg, homemade brown sauce and served on a toasted Bakeri Baltzersen brioche bun.


You will be able to pre-order brunch sandwiches via the Tock platform on Thursday night and then limited availability will be made available on the day.

Pre-order here:


We have been able to link our till system to an app called Hopt (available to download here) to provide a quick and easy way to order coffee without having to approach the counter.  You will be able to order it for immediate preparation or select a time to collect. We intend on adding other parts of our menu to this app as we develop and are able to offer more food.

*Please note that you will only be able to see Baltzersen’s during our hours of operation so don’t panic if you don’t see us on there if you download it immediately.

Single use cups are the most sensible option for us right now, so we will be reverting back to those and not accepting reusable cups at this time.

Extending Opening Times and our Offer

If the test this weekend is a success we will then look to open regular hours in line with bread collections and then beyond those hours if there is a demand to do so.

Ben will be creating a range of regularly changing grab and go sandwiches and exploring other options that we may serve during that daily service Wed-Sat.

Medium Term (3-6 Weeks)

What we would really like to do is start returning to some sense of normality. A situation where you can pop out for a coffee, to grab some bread or a pastry and also be able to order some lunch to take home or eat on a walk or on the Stray.

Bakery Retail

Our plan is to remodel the cafe counter area to create a better space for bakery retail. We’ll carry larger quantities and a wider range of stock on a daily basis and try to open more days of the week.

Customers will be able to enter the cafe to purchase bread and collect pre-orders on a 1 in 1 out basis. We will also be installing a perspex screen to create a full shield between customers and staff.

Coffee and Food

As bread collections move to the cafe then we’ll switch coffee and food collections from the menu to the coffee shop, most likely serving from the window in the kiosk format.

Long Term (7 Weeks +)

The Summer may offer some limited opportunities to have tables outside that can be spaced out, perhaps even onto the precinct at certain times.

We’ll be developing different offers from both the food and drink perspective to keep things fresh and changing on a regular basis.  We’ll also likely be letting influences from a little further afield that Scandinavia into our fillings and flavours.


Life at Baltzersen’s is going to be different for quite a while, and that’s ok, we will handle that for as long as it takes so that when appropriate we can reopen our doors and get back to doing what we love to do.

This is our plan as things stand today.  We have no doubt we’ll need to keep reacting to what is happening locally and nationally and as we do that we’ll keep you informed along the way.

Thank you so much for the kind words and support we’ve received so far. We hope to see you again soon whether that’s through a service window, on the doorstep for a bread delivery or in a few months time when things may be marginally closer to how they used to be!


Paul and the Baltzersen’s team.

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  1. I’ve missed you!
    Looking forward to the new line of – pasteries?

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