Scandi Coffee – Rowan on Tour in Copenhagen

It would seem that as well as providing coffee and cakes in our own cafe here in Harrogate, we are now providing coffee advice for people travelling around the country/world.  So, following on from my own visit down to London we have a a guest post sent in by one of the Baltzersen’s originals.

Scandi Coffee

Customers who have been visiting Baltzersen’s for a while will remember Rowan, one of our original baristas.  Rowan visited Copenhagen over the summer and naturally he spent some of his time checking out what Scandi Coffee had to offer.   He has finally got around to sending through a few words and some photos. Here they are:

 Estate Coffee

Located in Copenhagen’s business district on Gammel Kongevej, Estate Coffee also operate a micro-roastery and chocolatier within the city.

The frontage of Scandi Coffee shop Estate Coffee in Copenhagen

The interior is clean and modest with a small selection of retail coffee goods including coffee flasks, muds, aeropress brewing equipment, kettles and their current selection of single origin and blended coffee beans.

Staff gave off a calm, knowledgeable vibe as they served a professional office-based crowd.  A place for the businessman who is interested in coffee to take a friend or client to prove their intimate knowledge of specialty coffee.

I ordered a cortado with their own Brazilian single origin ‘Sertao Estate’ described as a complex, sweet and bright bean that works best as espresso or with smaller milk based drinks.

White tiled interior with holophane lights in Danish Cafe Estate Coffee in Copenhagen

Clean and functional interior

Cortado Scandi coffee served in a shot glass with heart shaped latte art

Single Origin Cortado

Ricco’s Kaffebar is situated in the backpacker/student quarter of the city near Vandkunsten Square.

The interior features old Danish design, low ceilings, sparse interior and bold bright colours.  The materials are a mixture of wood and plastic with an army of mis-matched light fittings that would make the Ikea-phile salivate.

Ricco's Kaffebar counter, pastries on top, mazzer grinder, industrial lighting, Scandi Coffee

Counter with freshly baked goods

Ricco’s is actually a multi-site operation considered to be the better of two ‘indie-chains’, the second named ‘Baresso’.  They roast their own coffee on site and rather than the light roasts often associated with Scandi coffee they roast very dark, with beans that are taken well into the second crack.

The shop offers a small selection of home-made chocolates, something I noticed was popular across Copenhagen, and behind the bar is an old oven that turns out locally made pastries and sweet breads.

Coffee and smoothies at Rocco's kaffebar in Copenhagen

Latte? and a pink fruit based drink for the lady (presumably)

*From what I can see in the photo Rowan had a latte.

The Next Door Cafe

The Next Door Café is located in Old Town’s back alleys near the student area of downtown Copenhagen.

Both staff and interior would be described as quirky and eclectic.  A very modest and unassuming spot frequented mostly by locals and is probably one of those places undiscovered by most tourists.

Cimbali coffee machine on counter, mirrors mounted on purple back wall

Eclectic interior

The coffee supplied by local roaster Kontra Coffee is a Brazilian and Guatemalan espresso blend and was sweet yet full bodied.

So it was that by this time Rowan had clearly had enough coffee and repaired to a local bar to become familiar with another of Denmark’s beverage offerings.

The man the legend.......

The man the legend…….

Rowan now lives in Toronto where he is once again working in coffee, and also trying to do some graphic design work.  He claims he has a list of places he needs to visit for a coffee that is ‘as long as his arm’ so we expect a trans-atlantic coffee  report soon.

Katie and I are planning a trip to Copenhagen this January so I’ll be reporting back on some of the places we visit, probably with a bit more focus on some of the bakeries and food that is on offer.

If you’re interested in coffee/cafes and want to write a guest blog after visiting somewhere exciting we’d love to hear from you.

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