Signatures, Destruction and Graffiti….

So 276 days after we first viewed the premises, 198 days since we submitted a planning application and 108 days since planning permission was granted we have finally signed the lease!

Our builders are due to start on Monday but before they arrive we thought we would get on with some of the labouring, in particular taking down stud walls to open up the back of the building to more light.

Rear ground floor of the shop in it’s original state

Me (Paul) and my Dad (Paul) taking down the stud wall in the office

Getting to grips with the other stud wall in the office

One wall is gone and the light is now streaming through into the back of the shop

This was the result at the end of the first day – the back of the shop has really opened up

Downstairs we ripped out the MDF cladding and shelving that was in our store/office and exposed some very red brick walls and the original coal chute. We also found some interesting graffiti including some intricate drawings of soldiers.

We’ll put some more pics up once we make some more progress.

The Office/Store prior to any work

Another door frame proved difficult and needed the saw treatment

This room will become an Office/Store, the door frames all have to be removed so we can tank the walls. You can see some of the graffiti.

A talented graffiti-ist sketched this soldier. Considering my background we are taking this as a positive sign – we were meant to take this building on!

The finished office/store room nearly ready for tanking (once the electrics are dealt with).

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