Sneak Peek

I have recently been experimenting with some of the food that you can expect to see on the menu in the Cafe.  There is much more beyond this but just to whet the appetite here we go:

Gravlax, sourdough and dill mustard sauce

Gravlax is salmon side, cold cured with salt, sugar and dill.  The flavour of the dill infuses through the salmon leaving a delicate flavour.  Thinly sliced Gravlax is a popular topping for Smørbrød – our open sandwiches.


White sourdough and homemade raspberry jam

Sourdough is a slow fermented loaf raised using natural yeasts as a leaven.  The raspberry jam, like most Scandinavian jams, it is made with a higher fruit : sugar ratio than English jams and tastes strongly of the fruit.

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