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Review: Teacup in Manchester

After attending the launch of the Northern Independent Coffee Guide, the next day I picked a place in Manchester featured in the guide. I settled on Teacup in the Northern Quarter. The area is a hub of indie cafes and … Continue reading

The first edition of the Northern Independent Coffee Guide

The Northern independent coffee scene is now coming out from behind the South’s shadow with the launch of the first Northern Independent Coffee Guide. Featuring cities such as Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester, York and Leeds, the guide is a fast track … Continue reading

Introducing our coffee suppliers: North Star Roasters

Our great coffee is thanks to two talented guys, Krag and Ellis.  These two are changing the Leeds and surrounding scene fast with their ethically sourced coffee. We went over to their roasters to have a chat about what they … Continue reading

But First, Let’s Fika: One of Sweden’s simplest pleasures

Homemade Scandinavian delicacy, Skolebrød in Baltzersen's cafe, Harrogate.

We have all taken a fika at some point. It may have been earlier today, at the weekend, or maybe you are about to take one now. You might take a fika with a friend, a family member or even … Continue reading

A Declaration of Independent Coffee – The West Coast Chronicles pt V

independent coffee

I’d dropped enough pins on Google Maps to cover most of Bergen’s commercial district with spots, now I had to find a viable route. I thought I had made some pretty meticulous choices, but on my way to my first … Continue reading

Barista Diaries: The View From The Hoppers – pt 2


In pt. 1 of his barista diaries, Paul explored first impressions, aeropress and damn fine espresso from Noble. Caravan King’s Cross As previously mentioned we had been told to expect great things from Caravan, both in terms of coffee and … Continue reading

Barista Diaries: The View From The Hoppers – pt 1


Here at Baltzersen’s we don’t just like to make great coffee; we also like to consume a few drops when we get the chance and share what we have discovered.  The capital of England is considered by many to be … Continue reading