Introducing Tarts at Baltzersen’s

We’ve been pretty quiet over here on the blog over the last few months but it’s not for the lack of activity, we’ve been beavering away and we’re now really excited to be able to announce a project we’ve been working on since the start of 2019. We’ll be launching a new range of baked products in a few weeks time – tarts.

Since opening nearly 7 years ago we’ve seen cinnamon buns become a staple part of cafe/coffee shop culture.  It feels like we see them everywhere, not quite as prominent as brownies, but on the up. It’s good because they are delicious and an amazing partner for coffee and tea.  Even though we bake them every day we are still up for eating other people’s when we are out and about.

It is important to make sure we stay on our toes and continue to refine our offer and give you reasons to come back to see us again and again.  We are fortunate to have a huge amount of talent working with us here at Baltzersen’s and we see this latest offering as a chance to allow them to show you what they are capable of.

We intend to launch on 8th June 2019 with a core range of 4 tarts and then add some limited edition flavours that will change on a monthly basis.  As with all of our baked goods they will be baked from scratch here on site.

This new line will affect our existing offer.  Some of the products that haven’t really captured your imagination will likely make way as we reassess what we have available on a daily basis.  

The ‘Lemon Poppy Seed Knot’ is looking vulnerable and may be replaced with an additional savoury option.

We’ve already sent out invites to a special launch event to be held on the evening before we launch, we look forward to seeing those of you that have been invited.

Tarts will be available to enjoy in the cafe and coffee shop as well as to takeaway in custom designed boxes we’ve had made locally by PlatinumHPL especially for the job (recyclable and from sustainably managed paper sources).

We are really looking forward to revealing the different flavours over the next few days and also getting some ideas from you about what you’d like us to consider for the future.

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