Exciting News: Our Team Is Growing!

We are happy to announce the introduction of two new members to the Baltzersens team!

Due to the overwhelming growth in business over the past few months, teamed with the arrival of baby Seth, Paul has come to the stark realisation that he is not, in fact, Superman.

The business has been doing so well as of recent,  he decided some reinforcement was necessary to keep it flourishing. And so, after searching the land far and wide, he’s finally chosen two new recruits to join the team on the marketing side of things.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Emily and Rob.

Photo of the new team members

Emily has spent most of her life in Harrogate so has the Yorkshire side of things covered – the go-to on all things local.  Rob is a born and bred Norwegian, he will be bringing his Scandinavian expertise along with his grasp of the language to the table. If you can’t tell your smørbrød from your skolebrød then he’s just a hashtag away. (Emily meanwhile is still struggling to pronounce Baltzersens).

This means an end to the social media drought and the introduction of some exciting new events for you to get involved in. We want you to experience us as more than just a café. We want you to look to us as a reference point for all things Harrogate, all things Nordic, all things food. If you have a question, just give us a tweet. If you have a photo, go ahead and share it.

The new recruits will be monitoring customer feedback to ensure every voice is heard and every opinion taken in to account. They’ll also look into previous customer experience, aiming to tie up any loose ends in the café. They are here to strengthen the relationship between the team, customers and suppliers in order to ensure that every Baltzersens experience is a special one.

Look out for some exciting new competitions and events within the next few months, and keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These two can’t wait to hear from you! 

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