The Foodie Bugle Magazine – ‘You are what you read’

‘The Foodie Bugle’ started life as an online magazine and has recently translated into their first print edition.  I’ve actually had my copy for some time now but I wanted to read it cover to cover before I back it in sticky back plastic (like at school) and put it out on the magazine rack for you all to take a look at.

I could try to paraphrase a description of what ‘The Foodie Bugle’ is but I doubt I’d do as good a job as this, which is taken from their website:

“The Foodie Bugle is an online and print co-operative magazine dedicated to the sourcing, preparation and enjoyment of good food and drink, sustainably grown by farmers, produced by skilled artisans and sold by quality purveyors. We tell the story of simple, frugal, seasonal food and drink from farm to fork, from soil to shop, from orchard to glass, championing small, rural producers and their heritage as well as the restaurants, hotels and shops they supply.

Our contributors are both published and aspiring food and drink writers, reviewers, bloggers, chefs, cooks and food lovers from all over the world. The magazine provides a collective platform of excellence for both established and new voices in food and drink writing, blowing the bugle of flavour, talent and hard work in every sector of this growing industry. We promote education and understanding in a subject that unites all of mankind, leaving aside the cult of celebrity, aspirational advertising and passing fads.”

It’s an interesting business model because they seem capable of attracting excellent submissions from their contributors and they do not pay a fee for the content.

The articles are wide ranging in their content and there is guaranteed to be something in there for virtually anyone, my own favourites were contributions from bakers but the article on food and book pairing deserves a mention for effort and innovation.

There is no advertising in the magazine at all, none.  The only slight nods to promotion are tiny boxes at the end of each article with the website and contact details for the contributor – it’s incredibly refreshing.  After reading an article with Guyanese Hindu Indian baking author Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra I went straight to Amazon and purchased two of her books, the first of which ‘Warm Bread and Honey Cakes‘ will be the first subject of a Baltzersen’s recipe book review. We plan to make some of the recipes and put them out for sale so you can try some of the products if you are considering buying the book.

If you would like to take a look at ‘The Foodie Bugle’ then do drop by the cafe at any time – although we only have one copy.  If you’d like to purchase the magazine you can order your own copy direct from the Foodie Bugle website.  We’re considering stocking the magazine in the future so if you’d be interested in purchasing a copy from us why not leave a comment below, we’d also like to hear about your favourite articles.

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