The Scandi Breakfast

Breakfast has been on our minds for a while at Baltzersen’s.

Our breakfast savouries began as a bacon or mushroom option using a laminated dough similar to that used in pain au chocolat, but problems with consistency and quality whilst hot holding  led us to change to a bread dough closer in style to an empanada.  Our savouries are currently as likely to sell out in the first 30mins of opening as they are to be left unsold when we remove them from sale at 11am (for quality purposes).

We have long felt you would appreciate a more authentic Scandinavian style breakfast and we have finally got around to it.  The new ‘Scandi Breakfast’ will be a selection of meat, fish, cheese, jam and fruit served with light and dark rye breads.

The breakfast will change from week to week depending on the season and what we have prepared.  For our debut board we have sourced the following:

Danish Havarti cheese; a mild, semi-soft and creamy cheese.

Havarti Cheese

Pickled trout in a tangy mustard sauce, also in shot is Danish salami.

Pickled Trout

Macerated redcurrants and our own plum and orange jam.

Macerated Redcurrants

The finished article.

Photo 9


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  1. Nate says:

    Very excited to try it!

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