We’re Getting There

At the end of building week 9 we are now starting to see some real progress.

Over the last month we haven’t posted on the blog for a number of reasons but primarily because all the changes that we see on a weekly basis can’t really be noticed as much on photos.

We have been doing more of the internal finishing work for a few weeks now, and virtually all areas are now plastered.

Harry in the process of plastering

The next stage has been a spot of painting.  We have already applied in excess of 100 litres of white matt emulsion to the walls and this will be the dominant colour in the cafe.  Our shop front is painted in a colour called ‘Greyfriars’, we have carried this colour through the cafe by painting a number of the beams in the same shade.  In the entrance area we have chosen floor to ceiling white tiles in a brick pattern with a charcoal grout – only about 3000 tiles and we did it all ourselves (thanks Dad).

Painting the beams

The Great Wall of China

The shop front is all finished and is a huge improvement on the 1980s pink number, we are looking forward to taking down the hoardings and unveiling it to you all.

The view to the back of the cafe from the new front door – star jumping woman is my sister

Internal seating will be available for up to 37 customers (12 seats outside too) in various forms including bar stools, benches, sofas, armchairs and dining chairs.  In addition to our snug area we have also formed a small booth style area we are calling the ‘Love Seat’, a cosy little corner (at least it will be when it’s finished) we think will be very popular.

The walls in this area will be clad and this area will become our ‘Love Seat’


The view to the front of the cafe from the ‘Love Seat’ window

We have plumbers and electricians in doing their final fixes and floorers due next week to fit our floor.  Orders are placed for furniture, decorations, equipment, and all manner of other things that we need in anticipation of our opening next month.  Yes, I said next month – no date is being publicised yet because there are a myriad of things that could go wrong between now and the doors opening but it will be in September 2012……..we’ll let you know as soon as we know!

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