We’re relaunching Baltzersen’s Rewards on our 6th Birthday

Baltzersen's Rewards Scheme


This is a blog about changes we’re going to be making to the Baltzersen’s Reward programme.  It’s a little long because we wanted to make the necessary information available to you.

In summary we’ll be pausing our reward programme from 28-30 Sep 18 whilst we transfer to the new system and it will be operational from 1 Oct 18.  You don’t need to do anything at all.

We’ve split the blog up into the following sections that might make it easier to navigate if you haven’t got time to read the whole thing:


The New System

The Rewards


Transition Arrangements

How to Join



Unbelievably it’s nearly 3 years since we launched the Baltzersen’s Rewards programme and we’ve got a couple of thousand of you signed up and using the system.  We recently asked you what you thought about it and we have to admit to being surprised that you pretty much universally love it!

From our (slightly selfish) side things aren’t quite so rosy.   The system is a little tricky to administer and seems to be getting slower to react at the till as time goes on.  Signing guests up isn’t as slick as we’d like and we can’t access the information as easily as we’d like.

The result of this is that we’ve decided to replace our till system and in the process we’re also changing the way Baltzersen’s Rewards is going to work.

The New System

Our new system will be provided by a company called ‘Loyalzoo’.

For those that like to use them there is an App (search Loyalzoo on AppStore or Google Play).  The App is the best way to keep track of your points total, see current rewards and offers. It allows you to check-in on arrival at the cafe which will highlight you on our system and speed up service.

If you don’t want to download an App then that’s fine too.  You will just give your name at the till. After each transaction you’ll be notified of how many points you earned on that visit and also your total points balance.

Points will be awarded in a more simple way too; whatever your bill totals you’ll get a point for every pound you spend.  There will be no difference in points value between food or drink spend.

The biggest difference between the systems is that you’ll now use points to redeem specific rewards, the rewards available on launch can be found in the next section.

The Rewards

We can offer up to 10 rewards at any time so we’ll be adding more options in the future.

Our first Merch of the Month will be our skolebrød mugs.

Baltzersen's skolebrød mug


Each week we’ll be releasing exclusive time-limited promotions that are only available to Reward card members  If you wish to see them you’ll receive these by e-mail or notification. They can also be found within the app.

Our first promotion will be on our launch day and birthday (1st October 2018) and will give you the chance to collect double points all day.

The following week we’re inviting you to ‘Fika’ with us, by offering a free tea or filter coffee with any cake or bar purchase from 3pm onwards (Mon-Fri).

Baltzersen's batch brew and cake

‘Meatball Monday’ on 15th October will be a chance to enjoy our meatball sandwich for just £5.

We’ll offer a free orange or apple juice with any Breakfast or All Day dish before 10am on 23-25 October 18.

Transition Arrangements

For those of you that are already Baltzersen’s Reward members you won’t have to lift a finger, you will be moved to the new system with your existing details.  You can recycle your physical reward card (or give it to us and we’ll pop it in our recycling bin) and even forget your number because everything will be done by name.

Your existing points will be converted so you don’t lose out.

In order for us to make this happen we’re going to freeze the existing system from 5pm on Thu 27th Sep 18.  This means no points will be awarded Fri-Sun that week.

The new system will be live from 8am on 1st Oct 18.

How to Join

If you aren’t already a member where have you been all our lives!  We won’t hold it against you though.

The new system allows some really easy ways to join.

  1. Our preferred method is that you navigate to our short form.  Fill out this form and you’ll be up and running without even having to set foot in the cafe. Plus, we’ll automatically send you a voucher for a slice of cake on your birthday!

  1. If you’re technologically inclined you can download the Loyalzoo app from the AppStore or Google Play, all you have to do is check in at Baltzersen’s on your next visit and you’ll automatically become a member.




If it’s all a bit too much then just ask in the cafe, we can sign you up in 30 seconds at the till.


What happens to my existing points?

On the old system you earned 10 points for every pound spent on hot drinks and 5 points for every pound spent on food.

On the new system you will earn 1 point for every pound you spend.

To make the conversion your existing points total will be converted to the new system by dividing your current total by 10 and multiplying it by 1.4.

On the old system the value of 2,500 points was £25, you can see that on the new system you’ll be able to exchange these for nearly £30 off your bill.

How do I redeem my points in the future?

Exactly as you do now, redeem them for rewards at the till.  We’ll be training the team so they are able to advise you how to make the most of your points.

I don’t have a smartphone or an email address, can I still join?

Come now, it’s 2018, there can’t be many guests without either of these!  We can sign you up via your mobile phone number, but it’s not the preferred method.

Why are you having to freeze the system 28-30th September?

We will be asking our existing supplier to export guest details from the old system.   We’ll need to process and convert the results from this export and format them or our new supplier who will then upload them into the new system.  We need to give ourselves a bit of time to do this!

Will the Pokito deal still be available? (£15 for a Pokito and £10 credit to spend in-store)

We’ll be offering a slightly altered deal which is £15 for the Pokito and your first 3 hot drinks free (in practice we’ll add 90 points to your Baltzersen’s Rewards account).


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