The West Coast Chronicles – Prologue: Rob’s Going Home to Norway

Before Paul even hired him, Rob pitched the idea of a research trip to his hometown in Norway – covering a range of Norwegian coffee & cuisine culture Rob knows well from growing up there, and some establishments unfamiliar to him.


Rob applying his critical faculties on the job

So without further ado, Rob’s booked a flight to Norway for Friday the 15th of August. He’ll spend the next nine days running after trains, buses and boats; asking strangers questions about their delectable coffee and their business, tasting, eating, photographing and making notes of anything and everything that might capture a relevant piece of Norwegian culture. He might even see his parents if there’s time.

The West Coast Chronicles – a man with a plan

Nine days out of the office is a long time: Paul’s made sure that advance research has been thoroughly conducted – a schedule of cafés, restaurants and even a roastery has been crafted for Rob’s pleasure and critical journalistic skills. He’ll begin in Stavanger for the weekend, hitting up the spots he knows well from his own upbringing. Monday he’ll travel up the coast to Bergen, a city with an abundant café culture and renowned fishing markets – locally fished produce has been and is still sold at the same spot on the docks, for over 300 years.

Rob hopes to reach all his destinations in Bergen in a couple days before returning home to conduct some interviews with local entrepreneurs in Sandnes, Norway (a stone’s throw from Stavanger) specifically concerning Norwegian barista and dining culture, hopefully with some big players in the industry.

Baltzersen’s will do their best to relay Rob’s travels, and he plans multiple dedicated blogs upon returning to the UK. However if you can’t wait that long, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram for live updates on his adventure.

You can follow Rob’s adventure on Twitter and Instagram:

Twitter: @robertippolito/@baltzersens

Instagram: @robertvonippolito/@baltzersens

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