What’s new at Baltzersen’s in 2018

We wrote this blog post weeks ago, but the website decided to break on us so it’s only now that we can publish it – albeit with a bit of updating first.

2017 was the busiest year we’ve ever had at Baltzersen’s so we’d like to start by thanking you for choosing to visit us.  We know there are lots of options in town so we really do appreciate your continued custom.


So, what’s new in 2018?

We’ve upgraded our coffee machine…..big time.

We know that coffee is a huge part of our business and the reason that many of you keep coming back.  Since we opened in October 2012 we’ve made your coffee on one of two La Spaziale S5 coffee machines.  They have been real workhorses, reliable and have allowed us to serve some really good coffee.

The S5 is quite old technology now though and it doesn’t really help the barista in any way to make the coffee more consistent.

As we continue to be increasingly busy we’ve noticed our machine struggling to maintain steam pressure and the result has been some added delay to service time.

These reasons, and a general desire to keep making ourselves better at what we do, have led us to purchase a shiny new espresso machine.

Introducing the La Marzocco Linea PB:

coffee machine

There are lots of stats and technical information about this machine, do head over here to take a look at it if that’s your thing!

The important point to note for you is that it has some extra wizardry that will allow us to pull better and more consistent shots of espresso.

The machine allows us to choose different brew ratios for the espresso too so we’re going to experiment with pulling longer shots for americanos/long black, regular ones for latte/cappuccino and shorter shots for flat white/piccolo.

The steam boiler is more powerful so should improve the way we texture your milk for those drinks that require it.

It’s a genuine investment in the business because these things cost the same a small car, but we know it’s something we needed to do.

We’re trying to attract more guests for their early morning takeaway coffees by offering a massive 50% discount before 10am.  If you weren’t aware of that or have friends/work colleagues that you think would be interested, do us a solid and pass the message on.

Kids Lunches

We’re always updating dishes and trying to improve them.  We’ve got to the point now where we feel our kid’s lunch offer needs some tweaking.

Back in November we asked for your feedback on what we could do to make them better.  We then launched into the very busy Christmas period and felt we didn’t have the time to develop the new lunch options or properly engage with you about them.

The plan was to pick this back up at the start of the year and we’re pleased to say that we’re actually at the point where we’ll be launching the new menu later this week.  You can view the new menu pages that will be included here.

The key changes are:

Smaller portions of porridge are now available, and served with jam or fruit compote rather than nuts and dulce de leche.

Kids toast will be available all day and we’re also going to be offering free homemade vegetable purèes if you would like one to feed your baby during that awkward in-between weaning stage.

The biggest change is to the kids lunch.  The overwhelming feedback we received from the surveys was around flexibility – kids are all different, and often the same child is different from day to day as likes and dislikes change seemingly for no reason!  Also, you (or at leasts the kids) love toasties so we’re making that a thing.

The new lunch is a mix and match offer that offers greater choice and allows parents to decide what is important to you.  We’ve moved the drink out of the deal because lots of you prefer to offer water anyway, you can add a drink for just 75p and that includes our freshly squeezed juices.

Hopefully you’ll like it.  We have no doubt you’ll have ideas for things that could be added so keep giving us that feedback and we’ll see what we can do.

Annual Repairs Jan 18

We closed for planned repairs from 23-25 January this year.

You might not have particularly noticed what happened because a lot of it was behind the scenes.  We had a lick of paint on our woodwork, we have new menu boards and a streamlined window display.  The biggest work was in the upstairs service kitchen which you should see is all looking very shiny because it’s been fitted from head to toe in PVC and stainless steel cladding.

If there is stuff we’ve missed that really annoys you and we can often do something about it so let us know on info@baltzersens.co.uk.  We’d really appreciate that.

**Event** (Early March 18)

The Norse team moved out of the building in March 2017 and whilst we miss them we’ve enjoyed having a little extra space to spread into behind the scenes.

We really enjoyed putting on the St Lucia night and Gingerbread decorating classes over Christmas and it’s made us think it’s time to start organising a few more regular events.

With this in mind we have something planned for early March so pop the evening of the 2nd into your diary.  We don’t want to say much more than that but we’ll be doing some blogs and a research trip in advance of the event to get some ideas – more to follow on that pretty soon.

A Sad Farewell

Photo: Tom Joy

Photo: Tom Joy

We’re sorry to announce that at the end of this week our Head Baker, the lovely MJ, will be leaving us for another role in Leeds that will allow her the flexibility to spend more time pursuing her passion for designing cakes.

MJ joined us in the Summer of 2013 and has been the main creative force in the bakery ever since.  She is the person behind  many of the classic Scandi bakes and cakes that we offer as well as playing a leading role in developing our core range.

In 2016 she stepped up to become Head Chef and steered us through a challenging period as we found it difficult to recruit the right people in the kitchen.

She returned to her Head Baker role at the start of 2017 but has found opportunities to use her creative flair more limited due to the business continuing to grow.

She’ll always be remembered as someone who played a major part in the early development of Baltzersen’s and welcomed back warmly.

We’ll be sad to see her go, but wish her well in her next role.  You can follow her on instagram @MaryJanesBakehouse if you want to get in touch about cakes, or just drool over the photos!

MJ will be succeeded as Head Baker by Gem, who has worked in the bakery at Baltzersen’s since December 2013.

Anything else?

Apart from that it’s pretty much business as usual heading into Spring.

A continuation of our mission to ‘Spread hygge thoughout Yorkshire and  beyond’.

See you soon xx

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