Why Reviews are Important

In recent surveys 73% of people said that online reviews influenced their perception of businesses and 40% said they had used online customer reviews to research a cafe or restaurant – the joint highest response along with hotels.

Asking people to review their experience at your business means that you are inevitably going to get a spread of opinion. Often you don’t technically ‘ask’ because many businesses are added to Tripadvisor by the community, consent is not a prerequisite.   The vast majority of reviews on Tripadvisor are very positive but negative feedback appearing online isn’t the end of the world.  It’s an opportunity to show that you are human and capable of displaying empathy with your guests.  We all mess up sometimes, whether we work in an office or a coffee shop, the office environment just doesn’t have an equivalent of Tripadvisor……imagine if it did!

You can’t visit what you aren’t aware of

Lots of people in the hospitality industry have a real downer on Tripadvisor and similar review platforms, (not least Times food critic Marina O’Loughlin as evidenced here), and we completely understand that.  The platforms are far from perfect but we don’t think you can get away from the basic fact that they are used by potential guests on a daily basis.

Tripadvisor don’t share their algorithm but on their insights page they share that  businesses are ranked by number of reviews, how recent they are and the scores.

Why are we talking about this?  

It’s essentially a preamble to asking you for a favour.  

A lot of you are regular guests to Baltzersen’s and the fact that we get to know you, and vice versa is a huge part of what helps to make our cafe different from everyone else’s.   In terms of Tripadvisor though, it means we have fewer new guests visiting so we are penalised because we don’t get as many reviews as businesses that have more transient visitors.

We are fully aware that Tripadvisor does play a huge part in persuading visitors in particular to visit the cafe.  If we serve more visitors, as well as our regulars, it helps the cafe become more successful and in turn better.

We’d really like to see if we can climb a few places higher in the rankings, and if you’re willing we’re asking for your help.  It’d be great if you could leave us a review.  

Tripadvisor is not for everyone.  Many of us here at Baltzersen’s have never left a review on these sites so to avoid hypocrisy Paul (as PaulR681) has nipped on and reviewed a few of his favourite spots – he’s a ‘Senior Reviewer’ now we’ll have you know! 

(**EDIT** – Paul submitted all of these 5* reviews but they were rejected because according to Tripadvisor guidelines you aren’t allowed to review ‘competitors’)

He’s left his review for:

Major Tom’s Social

Bean and Bud


Cold Bath Deli

10 Devonshire Place

If you have 5 mins spare, and you could probably do it in less, it would be great if you would consider doing the same.  It doesn’t have to be for Baltzersen’s (though obviously we’d love it if you did).  Team members do read Tripadvisor reviews so it serves as a thank you (especially if you’re being nice and you mention someone by name) and it really helps your favourite place to be found by visitors to town.

Help us out!

We’d love you to review us on Tripadvisor or Google Reviews or both, we’re that greedy.  Here are the links if that’s something you’d be willing to do:


Google: https://goo.gl/A3pUyb



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