Wild Wood

We have sorted most of our crockery from the incredibly helpful folk at Fishers Catering Supplies outside York, but there are two items that we just couldn’t source.

Today we went to see Adam Wild from Wildwood Gifts hoping to find the solution to one of our problems: what do we serve our incredible Scandinavian waffles on?

We knew Adam already, firstly because he is a fairly regular feature at all of the Farmers’ Markets and shows in Yorkshire and secondly because quite early on in starting his business he made the favours for our wedding day.  Since then photos of our favours have appeared on his website (and still do) and my mother-in-law keeps in regular contact with him whenever he visits Otley Farmers Market.

Adam does great things with simple materials.  He uses all types of wood and creates boards and decorations for all occasions.  He speaks passionately about his work with a fascination about wood that can’t do anything other than enthuse everyone around him.

Adam and Katie talk wood

It wasn’t long before we had agreed that he would be providing waffle boards for Baltzersen’s; and in even shorter time we agreed to buy another piece that we intend to work into our counter display.  We have chosen ash and elm for our boards and we guarantee you will be impressed with the results.

A selection of Adam’s work

Oh, and if you were wondering the second thing we are struggling to find is a 5oz tulip shaped cup in which to serve our flat whites – answers on a postcard, or preferably an e-mail or tweet.

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