In a word – Hygge

A good cup of coffee, brewed with care and love, can be the difference between a dreary or an exceptional day. The same goes for language: the words we choose and are prone to use can make us smile or cry.

Photo of a latte at Baltzersen's Scandinavian cafe in Harrogate, trying to create hygge

The Danes seem to understand this fundamental principle very well, and they aren’t shy about it. A comfort and fun-loving people; their common word for all things good has become a bit of a phenomenon outside of the Danish-speaking world as well.


(pronounced hee-guh)

Ask a Dane to explain the word to you and they might simply smile in unspoken wisdom. There’s no accurate English synonym for hygge – comfort, peace, happiness, joy, love; we can try to associate all the right things, however hygge is so much more.

Hygge can be solitary or social, loud or peaceful, warm and intimate or brazenly extravagant. Its quality lies not in being a paradigm of some or another feeling, it’s a state of mind. An experience. Hygge is a feeling so fine, so divine, so at ease that you don’t even need to mention it. It simply is, and that’s enough. Unspoken, effortless, enjoyed.

Photo of jumpers hung up and candles lit in Baltzersen's Scandinavian cafe in Harrogate, trying to show an example of hygge

At Baltzersens we love all things Scandinavian, and hygge is no exception. We strive to provide more than a product and some trimmings – your pleasure is ours, because at the end of the day, hygge is a shared experience most of all: a result of kindness, commitment and the pleasure of making someone smile.

So come share a coffee with us – we’ll provide everything else, just bring your hygge.

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